Support One Child at a Time

Popcorn and a movie for two?

A pair sneaker on the discount rack?

But did you know that $35 could literally be a life-changing investment?

These are not dramatic words for theatrical appeal. These are words of truth.

Your $35 could go so far in helping those who are the most vulnerable and in need – the beautiful children in Ghana.


The calling of Bridge-To-Africa Connection, Inc.

As the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Bridge-To-Africa Connection, Incorporated, I am leading the effort in working with my colleagues and friends to improve the quality of life for poor children in the rural villages of Ghana by providing education assistance.

The focus of Bridge-To-Africa Connection is to help each child within our reach with getting an education and staying in school. Through sponsorships we help to pay school fees, buy food, uniforms, pay for extra tutoring and attend to emergency needs as they arise.

While the local community led by the Chief provides most school buildings, they don’t have funding to maintain or keep the school buildings updated with basic things like libraries and computer labs. Bridge-To-Africa Connection raises funds to assist with that too. Our objective is to help children attend school, stay in school and improve their performance in school.


The needs of the children

While government schools provide the teaching staff for students in kindergarten to senior high, there are basic levies required for them to attend school everyday, which many parents simply cannot afford to pay. Those fees include uniforms, books, and school supplies at the rate of $35 a semester, an amount most of spend without any contemplation.

You see the average person in the rural areas of Ghana makes less than $2/day selling goods and water. For these parents living in extreme poverty, there is literally no choice when it comes down to deciding whether to spend their money on food or sending their child to school.

As a result, most poor children just don’t go to school; they stay home and work in farms, sell water, or do petty trading. I often find these precious children sitting on the side of the road during school hours because they have been “sacked” or turn away from school because their parents couldn’t afford to pay the school levies.

In most rural areas, it takes 2 Ghana Cedes ($0.5) per day for food, 55 Ghana Cedes ($13.8) to pay the school fees per semester, 100 Ghana Cedes ($25.00) for books annually or 50 Ghana Cedes ($12.5) for uniform annually.


You can help

Giving up a movie, or passing on a pair of discount shoes can go a long way in helping the children of Ghana get a education and subsequently change their futures and those of their families.

I invite you to join others and me in sponsoring a child for a semester, year or whatever you are moved to do. If you’d like to sponsor one of the many larger scale project or programs we are working on, I would love to provide you with that information as well.  Your deduction is tax deductible. But remember, your investment is invaluable.

Whatever you can do is appreciated, no amount is too small!



Please contact: Dawn Sutherland at (310) 272-9673

To make a tax-deductible financial gift go to:


Thank you for your support,


Dawn Sutherland
Executive Director, Bridge to Africa Connection, Inc.
[email protected]
(310) 272-9673