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As I look to continue to make a difference in the lives of others, especially children, I want to invite you to join me on my latest project “Dolls for Kids”.  I have been thinking and brainstorming ideas on how we can continue to help the kids by creating new experiences for them that would not just bring a smile to their face but would influence their early years in a positive manner by fostering hope, confidence, comfort, and encouragement to name a few.Dolls for kids

With the holidays upon us, I began to ponder about the abundance of toys that will be purchased and shared among kids who already know what it is to grow up with and play with toys, not just one but many. I kept thinking of the array of toys and asked myself if I had a choice of just one toy which one would I choose. I recall how on many occasions as a child my doll became my friend, how I practiced nursing and caring for others through my doll and my unwavering response was the doll; especially since the children who visited me on Sunday mornings always asked for dolls, hence the idea for “dolls for kids” was created.

Now I want you to imagine the little girls that live their entire lives without the experience of playing with toys or owning one (1) doll. There are many of those little girls in Ghana, West Africa and there is something that we can do to bring this wonderful experience to them.

I am reaching out to you to help make a difference in a little girl’s life by donating for the purchase of dolls to “BTAC, INC. Sunday Morning Children – Dolls for Kids”. The initial goal is to touch the lives of one hundred (100) kids in Kumasi, Ghana. As the project grows we will expand to other areas of Ghana.

Please partner with me on this life-changing and worthy cause to develop our future kids and create memorial experiences for them.

You may contribute as follows:

  1. Via PayPal
  2. Send check payable to Bridge-To-Africa Connection at the address:

    13778 Hawthorne Blvd,
    Hawthorne, California
  3. Dolls can also be shipped to:

    Dawn Sutherland,
    P.O. Box KS 8648,
    Adum- Kumasi,
    West Africa

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,





Dawn Sutherland
Executive Director, Bridge to Africa Connection, Inc.
[email protected]
(310) 272-9673

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