Ladies, just imagine your life without the proper products during your monthly menstrual cycle, in addition,  no toilet or water to wash up properly.
Well many girls suffer daily in this world. Many use old cloth, banana leaves, cardboard or whatever materials are available to keep from messing up all over themselves during their monthly cycle.

When you think you have things bad, find a cause, any cause to support and make a difference.
Thanks to all the people who send sanitary napkins to Ghana for the girls, they are lifesavers!

Although these valuable items are received with open arms we are proud to mention an innovative way our Trailblazers have found to continue efforts even when disposable sanitary napkins are unavailable.

Thanks to Betty Arnold and Rene McDaniel for taking on this project to help our girls in the greater Kumasi area get access to reusable products for use monthly so that the girls will not miss school.
Thanks to the following organizations for stepping up to partner and work with Betty and Renee to sew kits or donate funds to purchase kits to give to the girls:

  • 5th District AME Church’ Southern California Conference Women’s Missionary Society 
    – Bethel San Diego
      – Paul E Kidd Good Shepard Lemon Grove
      – Johnson Chapel, Santa Ana
      – Grace Temecula 
      – Walker Chapel, Oceanside 
  • Days for Girls Escondido

Because of you, Days for Girls Kumasi Project is now a reality, the girls are going to school and can focus on their studies and a future filled with opportunities.  You are making a difference keeping the girls healthy and going to school.

If you don’t help the girls in Ghana, find it in your heart to help someone, somewhere!

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