Bridge-To-Africa Connection, Inc. (BTAC) – Providing Desks for Champions!

Now, more so than ever, taking the necessary steps to ensure a brighter future for the boys and girls currently living in the Ashanti Region of Ghana is of utmost importance. We hope that you can see yourself, working shoulder to shoulder with us, to make a difference to ensure every child will have a place to sit and learn in school.

The GOAL of Bridge-To-Africa Connection, Inc.: 

To provide desks and chairs in the Primary and Junior High Schools, so that more children can have a designated place to sit and learn.

We’re not asking that you board a jet and fly to West Africa. We are asking that you take a moment of your time, wherever you are around the Globe, to make a commitment and afford a child with the chance to increase their possibilities by purchasing a desk, provide a place for each student to sit and write/study, at their local Primary and Junior High Schools in the Villages, located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Some interesting facts regarding everyday life in the Village/Town in Ashanti Region of Ghana:
• Most parents/guardians are hand laborers, petty traders and hawkers making less than $2/day.

• Fishing and Farming are the primary sources of livelihood in some rural Villages.

• The Children attending Primary Schools are from 4 to 15 years.

• The parents/guardians of the children attending government schools are vulnerable in that they are economically poor.

• In Ghana, you have government and private schools from Kindergarten to Senior High School. Most children attending the government schools are very poor and their parents/guardians cannot afford to pay the basic fees required of them.

• The government supplies the teachers, staff and supplies needed for the schools, however, due to funding issues and poverty most schools find it difficult to maintain and supply the needs of the school. Things like desks, chairs, textbooks, computers, library and other basic necessities are a luxury for most students.

• Closing the educational gap by providing the means to educate the children in the Villages/Town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, will increase the odds of each child growing up to be productive citizens with bright futures. The children attending these government schools only hope for a better life is to get an education.

Are you in?

In exchange for making a donation of $65 to Bridge to Africa Connection, Inc. (BTAC); for desk and chair to aid the students attending Primary and Junior High Schools in the Ashanti Region of Ghana; we will place your name and or the organization of your choice, on the desk and chair that you purchase.
Please take a moment to consider how you can help to provide desks for the students.

Donations can be made to support this worthy cause via PayPal, and any amount will be appreciated.

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Dawn Sutherland
Executive Director, Bridge to Africa Connection, Inc.
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